Born With The Blues

This is the CD that features Garry fronting his band vocally. He also wrote and arranged all the tunes except for two which he wrote with Frank Ryals. it features twelve tunes covering a wide spectrum of modern electric blues. It was released in 2004...

Garry has a very original sound that comes across very strongly on this recording. He chose long time friends Mickey Grossman on Bass, Frank Ryals on Keyboards and Mark Weisgram on Drums to record the CD with him.


Standing At The Sunrise

  • Winner of the Best Regional NW Recording, 2002, Cascade Blues Association!

"Ellen Whyte & Reflex Blue worked with Robert Cray producer, Dennis Walker to create their third CD. Standing At The Sunrise (self-release) spins from humid New Orleans second-line rhythms to late-night, minor-key city grooves without missing a beat, incorporating Latin elements and icebreaking funk.  Crisp horns and a versatile rhythm section account for much of the excitement, while Garry Meziere's guitar work shows that tasteful playing need not be timid." (Tom Hyslop-Blues Revue)

              It's Not Easy

This is a studio recording from Richard Day Reynolds and his band. It features ten tunes, eight originals and two covers. It showcases Richard's strong writing and vocal abilities!!

Gary is sitting in on tracks 1, 3. 7 and 10 and shows that he is equally comfortable in a supportive role as well as leading the band!!

This was recorded between March and August 2001.

    Live At The Hotel Oregon

The MDR Band was Meziere Day Reynolds. The two come together here in a acoustic offering featuring nine original tunes. Four by Garry and five by Richard.

It features their good friend Phil McCoy on violin and Dan Seymour on Bass.

The mood is mellow but the the playing is very powerful. It was recorded live on April 12th 2000 at the McMennamin's Hotel in McMinnville..


Live at the Deluxe

This is a excellent live CD!! It features Garry with his longtime musical friend Richard Day Reynolds tearing it up at the Deluxe Tavern on Oct.31st 1998. It has six original tune written by Richard and two cover tunes.

It is electric and in your face!! The band was just on fire this night.........

It was truly a magical night of music and the crowd loved it!

Here and Gone!

Features 11 original songs that broke new ground in the evolution of their distinct form and sound.

The band has always mixed a jazzier, more subtle vein of the blues. Songs such as "Circle Around" smolder rather than smoke.

  • Winner of the 1998 Best Contemporary Blues Band

  • Winner of the 1997 Best Regional Northwest Recording


Different Point of Blue

This is the debut CD of Ellen Whyte and Reflex Blue. It is a collection of 9 original songs. It  showcases the band's original sound  right from the first cut to the last.

This is the CD that put them on the map in the Northwest as one of the premier Contemporary Blues Bands.

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