For those of you who may be considering taking guitar lessons you have come to the right place. Guitar students in and near Salem Oregon have the opportunity to be taught by one of the most well known and respected guitarist in the Northwest.

Do you want to learn the latest riff from you're favorite rock band, a classic song from the past, lead guitar, music theory, scales or even the secrets of the music business, Garry Meziere’s 25 years experience as a guitar performer and singer, plus his 20 years of teaching has produced the experience and knowledge needed to help students of all levels and musical interests.

Garry teaches all ages and all levels from beginner to intermediate. There are a few openings at this time so feel free to call the number below and get started.........

It is Garry’s pleasure to share his knowledge and love for the guitar with anyone who may be interested. He provides a fun and exciting approach to playing the instrument, which allows you to achieve whatever musical goal you have set for yourself.

Please call Garry Meziere at (503) 400-9425 .

Let Garry Meziere help you open up your creative side!